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Looking for gun stores in Fort Worth, TX? Your solution for all handguns, rifles, and shotguns is in Lake Worth, TX!

trinity ordnance videoLooking for gun stores in Fort Worth, TX & Dallas, TX? Your solution for all handguns, rifles, and shotguns is in Lake Worth, TX! Our Fort Worth | Dallas gun store is known for doing custom AR-15 builds and AR-10 builds as well as customizing AK47 and AK74 platforms along with other specialty tactical rifles. We also sell Glock, Smith and Wesson (M&P), Sig Sauer, CZ, Walther Arms, Ruger, Taurus, Remington, Mossberg, Kimber, Beretta, Kel-Tec, Daniel Defense, Kahr Arms, Century Arms, Browning, Colt, Barrett, Stag Arms, Marlin, Rock Island, IWI US, Henry Repeating Arms, Thompson Center, Arsenal, Noveske, and many many more!


Our Fort Worth gun store is located right on the border of Lake Worth, TX. We proudly serve the entire Fort Worth, TX Metroplex supplying all your firearm needs. We pride ourselves in being a one stop gun shop, providing award winning customer service. The “big box” stores simply can’t provide our expertise. We have the latest, highest quality gun parts and gun accessories in today’s market.

Our gun store offers a wide range of firearms. Anything from small concealed carry pistols to the most powerful rifles. Our gun sales include trusted brands of guns such as Glock, Smith and Wesson, Taurus, Sturm Ruger, Springfield Armory, Remington, Mossberg, Diamondback, and many others. We’re honored to have been voted one of the best gun dealers in the DFW Metroplex for our selection.

Our gun store specializes in custom build AR15 platforms, with the most skilled gunsmith(s) in Fort Worth to provide your Gunsmithing needs. Our stock of the latest AR15 parts and accessories allows you to custom build your AR 15 lower and AR 15 upper for your specific needs. And, each product that bears our logo comes with a ‘no questions asked’ lifetime guarantee. Even on our flagship nickel boron bolt carrier group. If you have questions about your build our experienced staff and gunsmith will assist you with your build. If it’s an AK 47 you’re looking for we stock a variety for the AK 47 shooter. Our gunsmith can customize your AK47 too! Looking for other tactical rifles? We have those also.

As always, our gun shop does FFL transfers for just twenty bucks.


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Want to buy firearms and get deals? We offer everything from conceal carry guns to Tactical weaponry like Bullpups and high power rifles and shotguns. It’s rare to not have a Tavor SAR on the wall. We have our brick and mortar location or our convenient online shopping from our stocking warehouses. Talk to one of our team whether it’s for in-store shopping or how to handle your purchase online.
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Make your firearm the way you want it. Our gun store sells a full line of parts and accessories to make your gun as unique as you, and keep it performing. From doing your own AR-15 build (or any modern Tactical weapon) customized the way you want it to having replacement parts for your concealed carry pistol, we have your back. For nearly every make and model of firearm, we can customize it, or repair it.
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Are you “Geared up”? We offer a large selection of gear to complement your needs from practical to tactical. Rifle and shotgun slings, hundreds of styles and holsters configurations for your handguns, firearm cases from the most trusted names, pouches, tactical chest rigs to equip as you need, tactical lights, shootings rests, plus a lot of other gear for you to make ready.
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A firearm without ammo is just a paperweight. Don’t be caught off guard. Keep a stock of practice (range) ammo and self-defense ammo on hand at all times! We sell ammo for the smallest concealed carry pistol to ammo for powerful long-range competition rifles. And, just like anything else, we understand everyone has personal taste when it comes to calibers and brands, so we offer a lot.

With a full range of firearm optic needs, we sell a full selection. Anywhere from up close and personal red dot optics to long-range magnified scopes, we keep you in sight. Need night vision optics? We won’t leave you in the dark. Aimpoint, Burris, Bushnell, EOTech, Leupold, Nikon, Sig Sauer, Trijicon, Weaver, and Zeiss to name a few. Too many to list, but a lot of firearm optics and binoculars to see, one click away.
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Keep your guns cleaned and lubed and they’ll take care of you. We sell a variety of gun cleaning kits and supplies. Everyone has their personal preference in solvents and lubes, so we offer different brands to please. Break Free CLP, Pro-Shot, Hoppe’s, FrogLube, Remington, and Outers to name a few. Keep those kits, bore snakes and patches on hand to keep your gun performing. We also offer Ultrasonic cleaning and lube.
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Our customers like to wear our gun shop’s Brand so we’re always happy to come up with new designs and colors to meet the demand. No matter if it’s T-shirts, hats, or cold weather hoodies, we’ll keep you in style at the shooting range or just hanging around town. We’re proud to have customers who want to display their rights. Wear your 2ND Amendment.
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Do you need custom parts or accessories or have any idea you want to come to life for a custom build AR15 or any other platform? From custom orders to custom work we have you covered! We’ll have you showing off your firearm’s millwork, Cerakote or parts at the shooting range in no time. Our knowledgeable staff will guide you and give you good pricing.

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