Meet Richard Dennis, owner of Trinity Ordnance, the area’s most innovative self-defense gun shop in the DFW area. His Fort Worth gun shop started from the reputation he gained from being respected at every area Fort Worth gun show he attends. If you see the Trinity Ordnance banner flying high over the table, you can be assured of the quality firearms and customer service it’s known to represent.

It was his passion for firearms that gave him his start at every area gun show. His friends refer to him as the guy who always has the best AR15 for sale, the best AK47 for sale, or any other weaponry they may be interested in buying at the time. He always carries a good stock of quality products from top manufacturers like Glock, Smith and Wesson, Ruger, Springfield Armory, Remington, Sig Sauer, Taurus, Mossberg, Beretta, Diamondback or anything else you would want. You will find them proudly displayed where you see his brand name logo!

Specializing on the AR 15 platform, you will always find a full stock of AR 15 parts and AR 15 accessories in his gun shop. Including the best nickel boron bolt carrier group you could lay your hands on. But an assortment of AK47(s) for sale is always on hand for customers who choose it as one of their platforms to keep on hand. Of course, you will always find an assortment of other specialized self defense firearms like the Tavor SAR and PS90 because keeping a wide variety of firearms available is a top priority.

A commitment Richard has given all his loyal customers is quality products at low prices, whether it’s at an area gun show, or at his popular gun shop located on the border of Lake Worth, TX.

You will still see him in just about every DFW Metroplex gun show during the weekends when they are running. But he has now concentrated his time and passion for firearms parts and accessories to maintaining his gun shop that has been voted one of the best firearm stores in the DFW, Lake Worth, TX region. A gun shop he is proud to have created. If you ask him what he attributes his success to his answer is: “Selling quality products along with customer service that takes second to no other is the focus”.

During the weekends you will find him at any one of these nearby gun shows:

  • Lone Star gun shows
  • Premiere gun shows
  • The original Fort Worth gun show


fort worth gun shopWhen you shop at Trinity Ordnance gun shop you will find a level of professionalism and a high-quality staff like no other gun shop in the DFW Metroplex. They are very proud of their fine staff. They have been selected for their extensive knowledge in everything firearms related. They also have the same attitude when it comes to providing patrons with customer service that really is second to none.

That’s why on any given day you will find customers stopping by the gun shop just to say hi or shoot the breeze with Richard and the staff. It’s a relaxed atmosphere where both the employees and customers alike enjoy spending time with each other. “Customers are never an interruption, they are the reason we are in business”.

They’re proud to have staff members who have served in the military, and serve customers with the integrity and respect they deserve. They have the knowledge and experience to help you along with your purchases. So whether you’re looking to build an AR 15 with just the right accessories to fit your needs, or there’s already the perfect AR15 hanging on the wall, you are in experienced hands. If you’re looking for an AK47 for sale, we’ll provide you a great line of options. If other specialty self-defense rifles and shotguns are your need, we’re happy to display you a full line of options.

When it comes to handguns, well, of course, the same experience and knowledge apply. They can help you pick a concealed carry firearm that fits you best. Unlike some of the “big box” stores, they not only have the knowledge to guide you in your purchase but enjoy helping you along the way. No matter if you’re at a local gun show, or at their gun shop, you’ll get low pricing and high customer service.

Are you looking for a gun shop that has a wide range of self defense firearms?

  • One where you can see a variety hanging from the wall?
  • How about an AR15 for sale or an AK47 for sale?
  • One that stocks hard to find PS90’s or Tavor SAR’s?
  • One that has customized shotguns?
  • A variety of handguns?
  • A stock of AR15 parts and accessories? The best nickel boron bolt carrier group made in the USA?

You get the idea. Serving the entire DFW Metroplex with a gun shop like no other! Our mantra is “Be Ready”, and our mission selling quality products coupled with customer service that is second to none.