Many people have been confused about how to get to the shop after TXDot closed the entry to Karen Lane and a few other roads.
We made this map in a effort to help.

The green arrows lead visually from 199 to Trinity Ordnance.

In the top right corner are turn by turn directions from 199 to Trinity Ordnance.

The bottom left is our address, most map apps have updated to show the new way to us for now.

The city has torn up Alice/ Karen in a few spots and temporarily patched it with gravel. Please be careful in this area. A few people have experienced problems already.

We apologize for the poor road conditions on Alice/ Karen.

Hopefully this helps, and as always anyone can call the shop and we will be happy to help out with directions too.

The city was gracious to allow us to place signage to help out as well. Look forward to seeing those signs pop up next week!


Looking for gun stores in Fort Worth, TX & Dallas, TX?  Trinity Ordnance is your solution for all handguns, rifles, and shotguns is in Lake Worth, TX!  Our Fort Worth | Dallas gun store is known for doing custom AR-15 builds and AR-10 builds as well as customizing AK47 and AK74 platforms along with other specialty tactical rifles. We also sell Glock, Smith and Wesson (M&P), Sig Sauer, CZ, Walther Arms, Ruger, Taurus, Remington, Mossberg, Kimber, Beretta, Kel-Tec, Daniel Defense, Kahr Arms, Century Arms, Browning, Colt, Barrett, Stag Arms, Marlin, Rock Island, IWI US, Henry Repeating Arms, Thompson Center, Arsenal, Noveske, and many many more!


Our Fort Worth gun store is located right on the border of Lake Worth, TX. We proudly serve the entire Fort Worth, TX Metroplex supplying all your firearm needs. We pride ourselves in being a one stop gun shop, providing award winning customer service. The “big box” stores simply can’t provide our expertise. We have the latest, highest quality gun parts and gun accessories in today’s market.

We also offer advanced firearm training!


At Trinity Ordnance we strive to be the most knowledgeable in the business to ensure that your questions are answered accurately without the "gun store snobbery" that has plagued firearm enthusiasts in the past. 


If this is your first gun purchase we will walk you through every stage of the gun buying process, ensuring you get the firearm that fits YOUR NEEDS.  


Trinity Ordnance offers a wide range of firearms. Anything from small concealed carry pistols to the most powerful rifles. Our gun sales include trusted brands of guns such as Glock, Smith and Wesson, Taurus, Sturm Ruger, Springfield Armory, Remington, Mossberg, Diamondback, and many others. We’re honored to have been voted one of the best gun dealers in the DFW Metroplex for our selection.


Our gun store specializes in custom build AR15 platforms, with the most skilled gunsmith(s) in Fort Worth to provide your Gunsmithing needs. Our stock of the latest AR15 parts and accessories allows you to custom build your AR 15 lower and AR 15 upper for your specific needs. And, each product that bears our logo comes with a ‘no questions asked’ lifetime guarantee.

Even on our flagship nickel boron bolt carrier group. If you have questions about your build our experienced staff and gunsmith will assist you with your build. If it’s an AK 47 you’re looking for we stock a variety for the AK 47 shooter. Our gunsmith can customize your AK47 too! Looking for other tactical rifles? We have those also.

We also have the capabilities to apply Cerakote to your firearm or knife in virtually any pattern you desire. Our work speaks for iteslf. 


Make your firearm the way you want it. Our gun store sells a full line of parts and accessories to make your gun as unique as you, and keep it performing. From doing your own AR-15 build (or any modern Tactical weapon) customized the way you want it to having replacement parts for your concealed carry pistol, we have your back. For nearly every make and model of firearm, we can customize it, paint it, or repair it.

We carry everything from holsters and slings, to mags, lights, scopes, stocks, grips, slides, barrels, and red-dot sights for your rifle or handgun!