Do you want a Fort Worth Gun Store that not only has the most modern in firearm parts and accessories but treats their customers like welcomed friends?A Fort Worth gun store that not only carries the best in quality firearms but also offers unique, customized products?

Products like custom Cerakote finishing, custom made Kydex holsters and gear made just for you?

Gun parts and accessories that run the full gamut and firearms training tailored to your individual needs, such as CHL classes (LTC) to the most advanced training?


Trinity Ordnance Fort Worth gun shop is the fastest growing gun store in the DFW Metroplex because we offer quality guns, parts and accessories with a friendly knowledgeable owner and staff to help you.

While we specialize in helping you with AR 15 builds and keeping a stock of AR 15 parts and accessories, we also stock a line of AK 47 platforms. We carry both AR 15 and AK 47 Pistols and rifles. Being a full service Fort Worth gun store we stock a complete line of handguns, rifles and shotguns. Everything from the smallest pocket handgun to the more advanced in tactical weaponry.

Gun enthusiasts of all sorts have made our Fort Worth gun store their “go to” place for everything firearms related. We are honored to serve the public as well as local law enforcement who need a one stop place for their guns, gun parts, and accessories, and the training needed to use them.

We offer the top brands that the firearms community has grown to trust.

  • Glock

  • Smith and Wesson

  • Ruger

  • Springfield Armory

  • Sig Sauer

  • Taurus

  • Beretta

  • Remington

  • Mossberg

  • and more...


With our Cerakote service, you can have your firearms custom Cerakote to be as individual as you are, with the rugged durability you expect to last. We can Cerakote guns any way you want, and in any color you want. We offer the most extensive Cerakote service in the Fort Worth area.


We stock guns that already have a Cerakote design, but if we don’t have exactly what you want we can have your custom Cerakote finished firearm of choice done with the professionalism you deserve. Our Cerakote service can adhere to any surface. Cerakote not only makes your gun unique, it also provides a durable finish to your gun.


You can have custom made Kydex holsters or Kydex magazine holders made right in our gun shop by the area’s best-known craftsman. We are glad to serve our customers with in-house customizing of the finest Kydex holsters and magazine holders available to fit your individual needs and taste.

No matter what style or size of handgun you conceal or open carry, we can make Kydex holsters and magazine holders specifically molded for your individual firearm or number of magazines you carry. We carry a full line of Kydex material for you to select from.

You can have your new Kydex holsters made for either inside the waistband or outside the waistband carry. You pick the color and style of gun holster you want from our wide selection of patterns and colors. If you carry extra magazines, they can be custom molded to match your Kydex gun holster for you. Want your rivets a different color? No problem, we’re here to please.

Although your holster is custom made to order, we still give you off the shelf pricing!